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July 2008

The Teenage Textbook Movie (PG) 1998 | Dramedy | English w/English Subtitles | 100 mins Producer: Jonathan Foo Director: Phillip Lim

The Substation brings to us First Take next Monday (4 Aug 2008), and features the works of Sean Li-Wen, Shaun Koh and Ting Szu Kiong. Go catch the latest in local shorts and stay on for the Q&A after the session with the filmmakers. First Take kicks off at 8pm and is free admission.

A Wicked Tale (NC16) 2006 | English | 45 mins Director: Tzang Merwyn Tong

This August, Cineodeon 2008 will be injected with fresh blood as more than 100 students take up the challenge of organising screenings of independent Singapore films. This initiative was started by the Asian Film Archive in 2007 which saw students organise 50 screenings of South-east Asian Films which reached a total viewership of 1,628 and raked in close to  S$2000 for filmmakers whose films have been showcased.

There is without a doubt that Jack Neo is one of Singapore’s most hardworking feature film director, having more than ten films made in a decade, and like it or not, you have applaud his tenacity at telling stories which cater to the heartlanders, and sometimes getting flak for his movies being a haven for product placement.

Don’t miss the final five films of the 5th Singapore Short Cuts this Saturday at the National Museum of Singapore which will bring you through issues that are hidden but pertinent to Singapore’s society.