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[E’Tzaintes] + A Wicked Tale1 min read

31 July 2008 < 1 min read


[E’Tzaintes] + A Wicked Tale1 min read

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A Wicked Tale (NC16)

2006 | English | 45 mins

Director: Tzang Merwyn Tong

sm_wket.jpgA Wicked Tale is a psycho-erotic re-imagination of the Little Red Riding Hood story. It relates a little girl’s fascination for the forbidden and deals with the theme of seduction and manipulation. This thriller made its World Premiere to a full house crowd at the 34th International Film Festival Rotterdam and was a surprise hit at the 2005 Montreal Fantasia Film Festival.

e’Tzaintes (NC16)

Director: Tzang Merwyn Tong

2005 | English | 50mins

e’TZAINTES! – the made-in-Singapore underground film is dedicated to the misfits and dreamers of the world. The film was shot in three weeks with 18 hours of footage; 30 in the cast and only three in the crew. Using almost zero budget, and with an experimental attitude, Tzang creates a spirited underdog story like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

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