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Trailer: The Spirit Compendium2 min read

21 July 2008 2 min read


Trailer: The Spirit Compendium2 min read

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A tragic love story and nerve-wrecking horror story all rolled into one. Tom’s girlfriend dies in a tragic accident and he plunges into depression. May is shunned by the people around her because she claims she can see spirits. Sam’s family loses their fortune and is forced to move in with his friend, Tom and May, his housemate.

The three friends embrace on a journey that begins with the mysterious disappearance of Tom’s father, who leaves Tom with only a spiritual book and an ancient Tibetan Dzi Bead. It is not until Sam is trapped in a spiritual realm that they realise the importance of the items.

Catching up with the cast on the feelings about the genre-bending Spirit Compendium, here’s what Benjamin Ng (Tom) has to say about the film.
Q: What are some of the obstacles you faced and how did you prepare for the movie?

B: The script was my biggest challenge which I had to face in the film with many long and illustrious Chinese phrases that I had to memorise. Much of my preparation was basically just reading up on “ling wen shu” and feng shui, the major elements of the film.

Q: What was the most challenging scene?

B: I guess Michael would agree with me that the one single scene that was particularly tricky was the juicy lovemaking scene. The sex scenes with Bella went well but the sex scenes with a man was something that I had done for the first time.
I recall how Fung Koon, the Director, had passed us some Dvds to watch to prepare ourselves for the scene and it definitely helped. Initially it was awkward causing a lot of laughter causing several takes, but after awhile I overcame the psychological barrier.

Q: What did you like most about the movie?

B: The cast & crew. They were a fun-loving and patient lot and I feel that I have grown tremendously as a professional given this opportunity to work and interact with them.

Check out the new Spirit Compendium trailer!


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