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The Teenage Textbook Movie1 min read

31 July 2008 < 1 min read


The Teenage Textbook Movie1 min read

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The Teenage Textbook Movie (PG)

1998 | Dramedy | English w/English Subtitles | 100 mins

Producer: Jonathan Foo
Director: Phillip Lim

sm_tt.jpgCast: Melody Chen, Caleb Goh, Hwee Sze Lim

The Teenage Textbook Movie is a film adaptation of Adrian Tan’s bestselling 1988 novel The Teenage Textbook. It is a lighthearted look at four Singapore students as they start junior college. The film was well-received critically and topped the Singapore box office for four weeks, beating Hollywood offerings. Its stars, who were unknowns, eventually became household names on television. Its soundtrack was all-Singaporean, a first for English-language Singapore films.

When Mui Ee (Melody Chen) attends fictitious Paya Lebar Junior College with her best friend Sissy Song (Lim Hwee Sze), she encounters a new life form: boys. There are many, but only one will win her heart.

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