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The Inciting Incident is Sinema Media’s inaugural screenplay competition, in partnership with casting agency Hello Group, acting school Method Acting Asia, publishing house Epigram Books, online interactive and fundraising platform Premise, and production company Catharsis Film.

It aims to encourage screenwriters to shake off their hesitation, flesh out their stories and put them into the world. We believe that more screenplays will lead to more films being made, and that the screenplay challenge will push overall quality, thus growing the industry. At the same time, we want to showcase the emerging talents in this under-recognized and under-appreciated craft.

The main competition will be held in four rounds, one for each quarter of the year in 2020. In each round, a genre will be announced, ten finalists will be chosen, and subsequently, three winners will be decided. 

At the end of the competition, all winning screenplays will be collected and published in a print collection!

We also hold lighning rounds throughout the year, with their own special rules and prizes.

For more information on each round, please go to the individual pages below:


Comedy (January – March 2020)

Lightning Round #1 (March 2020)

Romance (April – June 2020)

Drama (July – August 2020)

Horror (October – November 2020)