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August 2010

Singapore | Drama (short film) | 2010 | 22 min | English/Mandarin | R21 | $7 Directed by Jeremiah Oh Premieres 3rd September 2010

When the Korean remake of John Woo’s seminal, genre-defining shoot’em up A Better Tomorrow rolls out in multiplexes all over Korea during next month’s Chuseok holiday, don’t expect a faithful update. Song Hye-sung, director of such searing melodramas as the critically acclaimed Failan and Rikidozan, says that the focus of his version was the dramatic portrayal of loyalty, family, friendship, and the always popular theme of male bonding. “When I decided to get on board the project, I watched the original film again and although it was still the exhilarating action picture it was when I first saw it as …

The Blair Witch Project created – or at least perfected – the “faux horror documentary” sub-genre and gave filmmakers a blueprint on how to make a great scary movie on a razor-thin budget. Since then, many films have tried to copy the Blair Witch formula with varying degrees of success. The best known include Cloverfield, Spain’s [REC] and U.S. remake Quarantine, and most recently, Paranormal Activity. Read the full story here >> via Yahoo

The Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) has confirmed that the inaugural ScreenSingapore event will be held between 5 to12 June 2011, with its trade exhibition for industry guests to be held mid-festival from 7 to 9 June. The eight-day event will be composed of a film and entertainment trade market and regional premieres of upcoming high-profile movies alongside conferences, workshops, financing seminars and producer forums.

Hollywood is institutionally racist, according to Slumdog Millionaire star Dev Patel, who claims Asian actors are limited to roles as terrorists, taxi drivers or geeks. When the story of a boy from the Mumbai slums became the surprise hit of 2009, winning eight Oscars, it was expected that Patel’s career would take off. But the 20-year-old from north-west London, has been frustrated by the lack of decent roles on offer, and is currently jobless. Read the full article here >> via Today Online

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