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Reboot of John Woo classic focuses on drama

31 August 2010


Reboot of John Woo classic focuses on drama

When the Korean remake of John Woo’s seminal, genre-defining shoot’em up A Better Tomorrow rolls out in multiplexes all over Korea during next month’s Chuseok holiday, don’t expect a faithful update.

Song Hye-sung, director of such searing melodramas as the critically acclaimed Failan and Rikidozan, says that the focus of his version was the dramatic portrayal of loyalty, family, friendship, and the always popular theme of male bonding.

“When I decided to get on board the project, I watched the original film again and although it was still the exhilarating action picture it was when I first saw it as a university student in the ’80s, there was something lacking and that was drama,” Song said during the film’s official unveiling on Wednesday in Seoul.

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