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Hush2 min read

31 August 2010 2 min read


Hush2 min read

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Singapore | Drama (short film) | 2010 | 22 min | English/Mandarin | R21 | $7

Directed by Jeremiah Oh

Premieres 3rd September 2010

Alice (Evelyn Maria Ng), unsure about her sexuality, is trapped between passion and moral between her family and friends. She frequently comes home late for dinner with her widower father (Vincent Tee) and 2 younger sisters (Janice Yeo and Cassevonrie Chia) due to her overtime at work. This makes her father very upset as he has made the daily family dinner compulsory and sees it as the only way to hold the family together.

However, beneath the facade of kinship lie dark secrets and complex emotions ready to explode anytime, when keeping things hush may no longer be the way out.

About Jeremiah Oh:

A visionary director, Jeremiah’s passion for the media industry is evident from his remarkable experiences in the different media genres such as television drama, documentary, commercials and corporate branding.

Starting his craft at the age of 16, Jeremiah started as an extra and climbed up the media ladder to where he is today. His first film Eden (2004) has the support of veteran actors Keagan Kang, Corriene Adrianne, Lawrence Pang, Mindee Ong and Evelyn Maria Ng, to mention a few. He started Tier Productions and has since worked on many overseas and local projects with Tier Productions.

Since then, Jeremiah has went on to direct various cooperate projects and broadcast programmes like Sony Style, Scoops and his most recent project,
The Power In You, a reality programme by Maybelline. On top of that, he was the Creative Director of both The Next Stage and United Artistes Network.

Always a daring and all rounded filmmaker, Jeremiah is never hesitant to push the boundaries of filmmaking with his imagination and eye for good visuals. His latest film, HUSH, has caught the attention of the media world. Jeremiah is currently working on 2 feature films, MEA CULPA and EVOL to further push the boundaries of filmmaking.

* Hush is a 22 minute short film, rated R21.  Only patrons 21 years and above will be admitted.

There will be screenings on September 3rd and 17th.

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