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July 2009

The 2009 Manhattan Short will be held in over 150 cities across the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia between the 20th and 27th of September 2009.

DepicT! is an international short film competition which challenges filmmakers to create super-shorts of under 90 seconds. It has been running since 1998 and is a Watershed Media Centre project, part of Encounters Short Film Festival. Beyond the great prizes and exposure it garners through its online galleries, DepicT! offers emerging and established filmmakers a prime industry window at Encounters – a great opportunity for promoting their work and making contact with a broad range of international industry professionals, from distributors and producers to funding bodies and exhibitors, as well as other filmmakers and enthusiastic short film fans. All shortlisted …

Cinematography in Singapore Moderated by Matt J. Siegal, an acclaimed cinematographer who is currently teaching at the prestigious New York University Tisch School of the Arts Asia, this forum will explore and engage participants in discussing the concept of cinematography and how it relates to the local film scene.

Previously, we met with actor Evelyn Maria Ng to share with us her experience as an actor in Female Games. This time round, we find out more about the other lead female actor in the film, Shen Qiaoyun, as she shares with us her perspective on her character, Sandy, and the film.

Interviewed by Miao In view of the up and coming World Premiere of ‘Female Games’ at Sinema Old School, Evelyn Maria Ng gives us an exclusive interview as she discusses the insights into acting in a Kan Lume film as well as the challenges that she encountered on set.

In 2008, SIFF successfully introduced a new section to its programming, called Singapore Panorama. That year, local film production was at a peak and there really was a lot to show. Going into its second year, the test was now whether there is enough substance to justify such special selection, or whether it amounts to little more than filling. Since numbers aren’t too important and short film making is well alive in Singapore by good tradition, to throw in more shorts in two out-of-competition packages seemed an obvious enough choice. Here is an evaluation of the second bonus programme: Panorama …