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Exclusive interview with Evelyn Maria Ng, actor in Female Games5 min read

18 July 2009 4 min read


Exclusive interview with Evelyn Maria Ng, actor in Female Games5 min read

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Interviewed by Miao

In view of the up and coming World Premiere of ‘Female Games’ at Sinema Old School, Evelyn Maria Ng gives us an exclusive interview as she discusses the insights into acting in a Kan Lume film as well as the challenges that she encountered on set.

Miao (MI): What do you think about the film and its portrayals’ of the workings of the female mind and maybe homosexuality?

Evelyn Maria Ng (EM): I feel that in Female Games the film portrays the female mind and homosexuality accurately. Its art imitating life.

MI: How well do you think the film connects to real life artistes (models and actresses)? Does it portray the modeling industry accurately?

EM: I feel that the film connects to real life artistes such as models and actors quite well. I would not say that it portrays the entire modeling industry. Its boils down to individual characteristics. The film is portraying what is the worst that can happen if best friends become worst enemies. Im sure girls get bitchy in the office as well. This type of behaviour is not stereotypical to just models and actors.

MI: Can you share with us about your experience of going nude on screen? Was it a huge consideration on your part or…?

EM: I felt extremely shy but tried not to think too much about it. It was less nerve wrecking as Kan was the only person filming there and it was a closed set. Yes, it was a huge consideration on my part as I am not completely comfortable with my body. Every actor comes to a point when they have to decide to bare or not to bare.  Kan was very respectful and the scenes were artistically done.

MI: Did you encounter any personal dilemma or difficulties in taking up the role of Alexia?

EM: No, I did not encounter any personal dilemma or difficulities in taking up the role of Alexia as she’s a very real character.

MI: Tell us about the catfight that you had with Qiao yun? What were you thinking about when you were acting out the catfight? Out of curiosity, was the lady (and maybe the rest of the onlookers as well) who attempted to stop the fight supposed to be part of the scene?

EM: The catfight I had with Qiao yun was real and scary! I was discussing with her before the scene to go gentle and that it was just acting. She said we had to do it for real then it would look better on screen. So when the scene started, she pushed me against a metal backing on the wall and I had to retaliate as she kept coming at me with her punches and hits. That girl is skinny but damn can she fight! I would like to consider that I am a lover not a fighter unless provoked. I kept trying to get away but she kept coming after me. At the end of the scene, I was pretty traumatised and shaken up and actually ended up crying. Kan was apologetic that we had to experience such a traumatic scene but explained that it looked good on screen and was worth it. Qiao Yun was pretty shaken up too. I had accidentally scratched her and she had some clumps of her hair out. We were rather battered, but Qiao Yun said she enjoyed it. The lady and the onlookers thought that fight scene was really going on as we were actually fighting.

MI: Was the film strictly scripted or you and the other actors had the chance of free-spirited dialogue throughout the film?

EM: The film was unscripted. Kan believed in serendipity and once we trust the process that everything will just flow. Sometimes Kan would give us a setting and ask us to act. Sometimes he would tell us what he wanted. Other times we may come up with our own lines or Kan would instruct us what to say.

MI: How much do you draw on your own experience when you act?

EM: Most actors personalise or draw from their own experiences. Even if not the same but similar experiences help.

MI: Has this been your most challenging role?

EM: I would say that the fight scene and the nude scene was most challenging.

MI: What do you think about the cuts that were passed for the film? Were they essential to bring out the film better? Did it change the original message of the film somehow?

EM: Kan says that what is shown is the final cut for the film.

MI: Lastly, How much can you relate yourself to the film?

EM: I can relate to the film as there can be mean people out there saying mean things, but most importantly we have to to focus on the positive and eliminate the negative. We have to surround ourselves with the people who really care for us. I believe there is time and opportunity for everyone. If it’s your time, it’s your time. “If you truly desire something wth all your heart, the whole universe will conspire to help you to achieve it” quoted from the movie “Om Shanti OM”. Hard work and professionalism does pay off. Persistence and perseverance will prevail.

Evelyn Maria Ng will be attending the world premiere of Female Games at Sinema Old School, on the 22nd of july 2009, as well as becoming a panelist for the talkback session after the screening. Join us for a very interesting and insightful talkback session as we discuss about the challenges that the actors faced during shoot and many more among others! Book your tickets now at or call us at 6336-9707.

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