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SINEMA Social Film Festival — Films for Change1 min read

4 July 2009 < 1 min read


SINEMA Social Film Festival — Films for Change1 min read

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A festival featuring a month of socially-conscious films and how the medium of film can be used as a platform to shed light on social issues, creating an impetus for change.

The inaugural festival launches on 9th September 2009 and continues through Children’s Day (October 1st) with a general focus on the Human Condition in this tumultuous time.

The symbolism of 9-9-9 sounds out a universal alarm to herald change in order to create a better future for today’s children. We are living in a situation that is unsustainable; where yesterday’s excesses will bring about tomorrow’s shortages, and the single-minded pursuit of profit alone comes at the expense of communal welfare.

The visual medium has always been an arsenal for mass communication. Just as television commercials are used to manipulate consumers, Sinema believes that films can be used as a powerful means of persuasion; to provoke thought on relevant issues and empower the audience to take action (big or small) in their lives.

The Sinema Social Film Festival will not only showcase films but also create supporting activities around each issue highlighted by the particular film and theme. Working with various non-profit organizations for outreach and awareness, workshops, discussion forums and so on, we aim to provide multiple platforms for public dialogue and collaboration for diverse groups interested in the same issue.

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