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Manhattan Short Film Festival 20091 min read

31 July 2009 < 1 min read


Manhattan Short Film Festival 20091 min read

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The 2009 Manhattan Short will be held in over 150 cities across the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia between the 20th and 27th of September 2009.

Mission: The Manhattan Shorts mission is to unite audiences from all seven continents of the globe for one week via the twelve most compelling short films submitted each year. One World One Week One Festival is emblazoned within the rings that surround the Festivals Logo and it is this mantra that sets us apart from any other film event of the year.

In 2009 we are inviting venues in Asia and The Middle East with venues in Africa scheduled for 2010 and ice stations in Antarctica in 2011. For up-and-coming filmmakers what greater test for your film is there than to be judged in cinemas by a global audience?

For more information, visit The Manhattan Short website.

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