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May 2009

White Days (NC16) Director : Lei Yuan Bin 2009 | Drama |  English w/ English subtitles | 95mins | $8

Interview with Singapore Film Awards Winner, Royston Tan Mathias Ortmann (MO): To be honest, I wanted to begin this interview by asking about your latest film. But there is none! Shockingly, you haven’t come up with a new feature yet. So, can you please tell us why is that? What …

A review by Tiffany Ng Supermen of Malegaon One man’s dream of film making becomes an impoverished town’s reality of hope for a better life. In Malegaon, film makers are considered heroes.

I Love Malaya (PG) 2006 | Documentary | Singapore | English, Mandarin, Malay with English Subtitles | 45 min | $8 (for both)

Do you want to make a film to call your own? Are you bursting with story ideas but not quite sure how to translate them into film? Learn how to do that in this comprehensive one-day SAMPLIFY Classroom conducted by an industry professional!

Catch the short films of Singaporean filmmakers who have been mentored by the Sinema Incubator Programme! There are two screenings: 2 June 2009, Tue, 8pm 9 June 2009, Tue, 7.30pm at Sinema Old School