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Sinema Incubator Shorts Screening2 min read

26 May 2009 2 min read


Sinema Incubator Shorts Screening2 min read

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Catch the short films of Singaporean filmmakers who have been mentored by the Sinema Incubator Programme!

There are two screenings:
2 June 2009, Tue, 8pm
9 June 2009, Tue, 7.30pm

at Sinema Old School

SiPTickets at $8 each. Book your tickets now: Call 6336.9707 or Email!

Read the films’ synopses below.

The four films featured are:

Brown Sugar (PG) | Director: Jonathan Chong | Drama | Mandarin with English subtitles | 20min

Without Daniel, Kaelyn felt that she had become a shadow waiting to fade with each and every sunrise. Without Daniel, her hands shivered and her thoughts stilled to a deafening silence. Decidedly, she would wait, but for how long? Decidedly, this is not a story about overcoming odds. This is a story about closure. The poem to be finished is not about loss, not entirely, but it is about the one thing that Kaelyn and Daniel believed in: Love.

Good Morning 60 (PG) | Director: Samantha Wee | Drama | English | 14min

Peter Pang has just turned 60 and all he can see is doom ahead. Birthday woes get turned around however after a surprise encounter with Bhangra (a form of Indian dance) injects Peter with a newfound zest for life. Through the magic of this dance, Peter attempts to get his life back on track and to rekindle lost sparks with his wife.

Madam Chan (PG) | Director: Wilson Yip | Comedy-Drama | Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles | 20 min

Filled with endless gripes about her familial troubles, Madam Chan joins her friends the Wongs on a local senior citizens’ tour of Singapore, uninvited and much to the annoyance of Mr Wong. As the group travels from one tourist spot to another, the truth behind Madam Chan’s complaints slowly emerges.

Red Rose (PG) | Director: Ric Lum | Black Comedy | English with English subtitles | 20min

Red Rose is an action short film set in an alternate universe of the East Asian Financial Crisis that never comes to an end. After a young man loses what he owns, he sets about to regain what he lost; encountering people in his journey who teach him self acknowledgment and forgiveness. As he journeys through, he slowly realizes that things are not what they seem to be.

Visit to find out more about the Sinema Incubator Programme.

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