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White Days1 min read

30 May 2009 2 min read


White Days1 min read

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White Days (NC16)

Director : Lei Yuan Bin

2009 | Drama |  English w/ English subtitles | 95mins | $8

What do cockroaches have to do with the afterlife? Watch and listen as three Singaporeans discuss the meaningfulness of their lives.Three young friends are possessed by a sense of restlessness that sounds uniquely Singaporean the more they reveal their hopes and dreams to one another.

One of them suffers from depression and finds it hard to leave his flat, other than to leave flowers at a road or to perch on his window ledge. Another wants to move to Taiwan in order see a part of the world evoked by such filmmakers as Tsai Ming Liang, whose movies about loneliness and urban isolation are a self-conscious influence on this black-and-white feature debut.

In between cigarettes, the third friend keeps talking about God, Jerusalem and Judgment Day in a desperate attempt to discover a purpose, or at the least a hint of life’s grand design.

But all around them, the island state chugs on with indifference as they lapse inevitably into bemused silences at the end of every conversation. True happiness is elusive and nobody knows where to find it.

This is a film about a hole in the heart that is sometimes filled by friendship, or the hope of a more meaningful future.

White Days will be premiering in Sinema Old School on the 17th of June 2009 at 8.00pm. For more enquiries, do call us at 6336 9707.

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