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I Love Malaya & Brother No. 2 (Double Screening)1 min read

27 May 2009 2 min read


I Love Malaya & Brother No. 2 (Double Screening)1 min read

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I Love Malaya (PG)

2006 | Documentary | Singapore | English, Mandarin, Malay with English Subtitles | 45 min | $8 (for both)

Director: Ho Choon Hiong, Wang Eng Eng, Chan Kah Mei, Eunice Lau, Christopher Len

In 2005, an 81-year-old man sued the Malaysian government for denying him entry into the country of  his birth. Chin Peng was the leader of the Malayan Communist Party, which waged the longest and most difficult war lasting more than 30 years first to overthrow the British colonial government and then against the Malaysian state.

When peace was finally secured in 1989, more than 200 guerrillas returned to Malaysia. But Chin Peng was not one of them. In fact there are many like him who have remained in southern Thailand, as stateless aliens, unable to step foot into the country they had given their lives fighting for.

I Love Malaya is the story of their journey home.

Brother No. 2 (PG)

2009 | Documentary | Singapore | Â English and Khmer with English Subtitles | 31 min | $8 (for both)

Director: Jason Lai

An estimated 2 million people were killed in Cambodia in 1975 by a communist guerrilla gorup – the Khmer Rouge. Till today no one has been held responsible for this genocide. After waiting for more than 30 years for closure, a man decides to go and look for the murderer himself. This documentary gives voice to some of the survivors from the cruel and bloody regime of the Khmer Rouge, such as Soy Sen, as he makes a long journey across Cambodia, looking for his dad’s killer, searching for answers and yearning for justice.

Thought-provoking and moving, Brother No. 2 presents some important issues facing Cambodia’s future generations dealing with their traumatic past.

I Love Malaya and Brother No 2 will be premiering in Sinema Old School on the 24th of June 2009 at 8.00pm. For more enquiries, do call us at 6336 9707.

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