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January 2008

Sinema is looking for interns once again, so to all who are interested: write in to us!

COMING SOON to Sinema Old School.

“Talking Cock The Movie has offered a concept of Singapore that is more expansive, subversive and riotous than the clean, peaceful and efficient country most of us are familiar with.” The Straits Times

Jack Neo’s 11th film will be hitting the screens this Lunar New Year on 7 February 2008. Titled Ah Long Pte Ltd, the film is a light-hearted black comedy about the triad world and the money-lending business. Check out the trailer below!

The first ever Sinema Incubator Programme has officially closed its call-for-entries today, but filmmakers fret not! A second call-for-entry is on its way and slated for May 2008.

Everybody’ s making movies nowadays; it’s become so easy of late to put together something with friends, or even on your own entirely, it’s likely that before long there will be more people making films than there are folks to watch them.