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Sinema Incubator Programme – Live!1 min read

22 January 2008 < 1 min read


Sinema Incubator Programme – Live!1 min read

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The first ever Sinema Incubator Programme has officially closed its call-for-entries today, but filmmakers fret not! A second call-for-entry is on its way and slated for May 2008.

logo-sip.jpgSelected proposals from the first call-for-entry will be announced at a live event at Sinema Old School on 12 February 2008 at 7pm — an event open to all. Besides the official announcements, there will also be a talk by founding members of the Incubator Programme plus two other panel members on how best to pitch one’s film, be it a FMP (forty minute programme), documentary or short film.

FMPs, or forty-minute programmes is a category original to the Sinema Incubator vocabulary, and is open to both documentaries and narratives. It is a broadcast versatile format that fits into a standard hour-long programme block and is geared for strong after-sales to cable and television networks.

As a result of the stringent demands, entries in the FMP category are not accepted. Instead, more slots will be opened at the next call-for-entry in the FMP genre. Check back to the official Incubator Programme website frequently for updates. More details of the next call-for-entry will also be revealed at the event.

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