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And the winners are…2 min read

15 January 2008 2 min read


And the winners are…2 min read

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Below are the three winning entries which are graced with 3 free tickets to the Hollywood Film Institute’s 2-Day Film School this Saturday and Sunday. If the rest of you kind readers are interested in attending, tickets are still on sale over at GateCrash. For more information, visit the official website, or come down to Sinema Old School this Thursday night for the free 1-hour talk + Q&A session with Dov Simens (see this article for more info).

by Liew Shi Xiong

I have always wanted to be a filmmaker since I was a kid. I wanted to tell stories about top cops, superheroes and people. My toys became my actors and my home was my set. But people constantly laugh at me. They say how big could a boy like me dream? When he lives in a HDB flat without a garden or a backyard!

And that’s why I love Sinema Old School.

It gives a heartland boy the opportunity to dream big in a small country!

by Terry Tan Junyi


There lies hidden in the heart of town,
the townsmen best kept secret.
Wonderfully quaint, like a gem to be found.
A treat it was to be.

The Macintoshes it is kindered to,
Married it to the cutting edge.
Yet, a sense of nostalgia filled the air,
like my first day at school.

The staff was upbeat despite the rain,
I knew not why till i climbed up stairs.
‘Twas the lusciously loving sofas
that aroused a sinful Sinnematic screen.

Movies had never been so sexy,
and i climaxed appreciating the art of life.
The lighting dimmed once more,
I escaped into the world of Sinema.

by Ou Sok Feng

For a film to realize its full potential, it first has to have a platform on which to present itself to the people. With that in mind, it is great that as Singapore strives towards being a center for the arts, we have the means to promote Singaporean alternative films to a wider audience and bring more of the general public interested in the Singaporean film scene. Sinema Old School is an essential part of the infrastructure for the future and it truly brings hope to homegrown budding filmmakers like me that we may yet succeed in the industry.

All winners have been contacted via email. If you are one of them and have not received the email, write to us at and we’ll get in touch.

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