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Woo to wage war in widescreen1 min read

6 September 2010 < 1 min read


Woo to wage war in widescreen1 min read

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Director John Woo will prepare his long in-development epic Flying Tigers to be screened in the IMAX wide screen format.

It will be the second Chinese film remastered for the giant screens which are increasingly appearing in major Chinese multiplexes.

“Using IMAX for Flying Tigers will create a new experience for the audience, and I think it will be another breakthrough for Chinese movies,” said Woo in a prepared statement.

Flying Tigers tells the story of the American Volunteer Group and its later incarnation the Fourteenth Air Force, which saw US and Chinese pilots flying side-by-side in battle against Japan.

The production is led by Woo and co-producer Terence Chang’s Lion Rock Productions, and will be structured as a US-Chinese co-venture. China Film Group will be the main Chinese financier, with Beijing Galloping Horse also chipping in. A US studio has not yet been confirmed for the estimated $90 million picture.

Pre-production is set to begin next month, with filming expected to begin in spring 2011.

“We expect this to be the most important film for China Film Group in 2011. The combination of John Woo, Terence Chang, China Film Group and IMAX will enable this film to attract the widest possible local audience, while also presenting the charm and diversity of Chinese films for fans around the globe,” said CFG’s Han Sanping.

Feng Xiaogang’s Aftershock which was released in July, is the first non English-language feature remastered for IMAX screens.

Hollywood star Tom Cruise is rumored to be a top pick for the US cast, since his previous direction under Woo for Mission Impossible II.

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