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Tokyo Project Gathering hosts Host sequel1 min read

3 September 2010 < 1 min read


Tokyo Project Gathering hosts Host sequel1 min read

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This year’s Tokyo Project Gathering which runs from 25 ““ 28 October, spotlights 28 films from a variety of genres.

There is a particularly strong lineup of projects from Japan and South Korea. Projects from the former include Tsuchiya Yutaka’s New Hello, Hiroki Ryuichi’s Seagull Day and the latest film from Ishii Yuya. Projects from the latter include Jang Jin’s Asian Beauty, Noh Dong-seok’s Haunted Obsession and the much anticipated sequel to blockbuster The Host

Southeast Asia is represented by seven projects including new films from Thailand’s Pen-ek Ratanaruang and Ekachai Uekrongtham, who are joined by fellow film festival regulars Woo Ming-jin (Malaysia), Nia Dinata (Indonesia) and Minh Nguyen-Vo (Vietnam).

Chinese-language cinema is relatively under-represented with two films coming from Taiwan, including Gavin Lin’s latest animal-themed drama, The Dog Wanted, and one each from China and Hong Kong, i.e. Xiao Jiang’s Kingdom of Desire and Jessey Tsang’s A Big Blue Lake respectively.

The projects are in a wide variety of genres, an aspect that has always distinguished the Tokyo project market from regional competitors.

This year’s slate of projects also includes Max Mannix’s prison break drama Yellow Earth, Vietnamese action fantasy Monk on Fire, Norman England’s Zombie My Zombie, and Singaporean noir film Camera.

Now in its sixth year, the Tokyo Project Gathering accepts projects at any stage of production. Films presented at previous editions of TPG that have been completed include Chung Mong Hong’s The Fourth Portrait, Yoo Ha’s A Frozen Flower, and Sono Sion’s Love Exposure.

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