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Peepli [Live] rakes in the money1 min read

1 September 2010 < 1 min read


Peepli [Live] rakes in the money1 min read

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After scorching the Indian screens with a gross of Rs 210 million, Peepli [Live] has got an admirable start at the international box office as well.

As reported on, Peepli [Live] has debuted at 23rd in ranking at the US box office. In its opening weekend, the film collected $350,054 across 64 screens, with the average earnings per screen working out to $5,470.

This Aamir Khan production is also faring well in Australia. It debuted at 17th in rank in Australia, and collected an average earning of $6,848 per screen across 7 screens.

The film was released across over 600 screens in the domestic market, and 100 screens abroad with the exception of Britain.

Made on a budget of approximately Rs 100 million, the movie recovered its investment even before its release through satellite television and music rights for Rs 100 million and Rs 40 million respectively.

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