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La Comedie Humaine epitomizes Hong Kong comedy1 min read

27 July 2010 < 1 min read


La Comedie Humaine epitomizes Hong Kong comedy1 min read

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Hong Kong comedian Wong Cho Lam says it is time to bring back laughter with Cantonese comedy laced with a distinctive Hong Kong flavor.

“Commercial Hong Kong cinema has been pandering to mainland China and Hollywood markets of late, with Chinese productions that barely reflect Hong Kong’s identity.

“I believe Cantonese-speaking people, in Hong Kong as well as Malaysia, are looking forward to Cantonese movies and want to watch Hong Kong-style comedy.”

Wearing square-framed glasses and a black-and-white shirt with a huge silhouette of iconic comedian Charlie Chaplin on the front, the 30-year-old actor took on questions in Cantonese, Mandarin and English during his recent trip to Kuala Lumpur to promote the movie La Comedie Humaine.

Best known for his comic performances, the versatile artiste has carried off projects in television, film, stage and music. Wong has appeared in 11 television series, 12 films and has even released an album.

Written and directed by Chan Hing Kai and Janet Chun, La Comedie Humaine is a movie composed of parodies and a play on words. It also stars Chapman To, Fiona Sit, Kama Law and Benz Hui.

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