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February 2009

Looking at the title, one might think that the film is one that will embrace the nobility of love and how it triumphs over multitudes of obstacles. However, Director Tan Chui Mui puts a twist to this perspective of noble love.

Translated to English, Apa Khabar Orang Kampung (AKOK for short) means, How Are You, Villagers? It is a multi-perspective documentary that uses its form more than its content to convey a message.

Three couples; three different versions of love. What is your idea of love? What do you feel when your boy/girlfriend asks you to get married? Will you be happy? Afraid? Do you even want to get married?

This second film by Director James Lee once again provides a good sense of reality. As the title clearly explains, it is about a couple, who undergoes a certain kind of love-hate relationship, and the things they do on a random day.

The plot and aesthetics of Before We Fall In Love Again, the first of the three films that will be shown in Sinema by Director James Lee, has intrigued my imagination.

This month, SAMPLIFY! will coincide with the upcoming Filem Bagus! Showcase. Catch the special edition of SAMPLIFY! with James Lee (director of Before We Fall in Love Again, Things We Do When We Fall In Love and Waiting For Love) after the last screening on the 28th of February 2009!