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Filem Bagus! A showcase of Malaysian Independent Films2 min read

21 February 2009 2 min read


Filem Bagus! A showcase of Malaysian Independent Films2 min read

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Officially taking off from the 27th of February until the 1st of March of 2009, the inaugural showcase of Sinema’s SinemAsian series on South-East Asian Film will draw upon the indie film scene from Singapore’s closest neighbor – Malaysia. The festival called Filem Bagus! – A showcase of Malaysian Independent Films from our friends at Da Huang Pictures – will run consecutively for 3 days.

miff-poster-web-2.jpgFilem Bagus! Programme Listing27th February 2009, Friday, 8.00pmFlower in the Pocket by Liew Seng Tat (PG)Li Ahn and Li Ohm grow up motherless and neglected by their workaholic father, who spends his time mending broken mannequins. The brothers roam the streets getting in trouble, but all they want is to be loved.28th February 2009, Saturday, 3.00pmBefore We Fall in Love by James Lee (PG)Ling Yue has been missing for a month. Both her husband Chang and her lover Tong form an uneasy alliance in order to find her.28th February 2009, Saturday, 5.00pmThings We Do When We Fall In Love by James Lee (PG)Secret lovers Lai, a computer programmer, and Amy, a school teacher, are constantly fighting and wondering why they are together, but at the end of the day, it’s their love that keeps them going.28th February 2009, Saturday, 7.00pmWaiting For Love by James Lee (PG)Three vignettes capturing a pivotal moment in each couple’s relationship. Lim and Amelia have been together for 5 years – he’s a salesman, working hard to save up for their upcoming marriage. One day, he finds a stash of love letters sent to Amelia from someone else. Pete and Bernice have been together for almost 10 years – he does not believe in marriage, and she comes to realize that he is not the one for her. Amy and Lai are secret lovers at a crossroads.SPECIAL EDITION OF SAMPLIFY! WITH JAMES LEE AFTER LAST SCREENING!Topic: Unique Insight into challenges and inner workings of Malaysian film industry.1st March 2009, Sunday, 3:00pmApa Khabar Orang Kampung by Amir Muhammad (NC-16)A portrait of village life in South Thailand, home of retired Malay-Muslim members of the Communist Party of Malaya. Recollections and musings are interspersed with a Thai radio serial.1st March 2009, Sunday, 5:00pmLove Conquers All by Tan Chui Mui (NC- 16)Ah Ping arrives in Kuala Lumpur and is immediately absorbed into its marginal society. She meets a roguishly charming man and it seems like love. What follows is both shocking and entirely predictable.-Tickets will be priced at $10 per ticket.-Season passes are available at $40 where one can catch all 6 films at the price of only 4.-Group discounts are at $8 per ticket with a minimum of 10 tickets purchased.-For online booking, email us at, you can call us for bookings at +65.6336.9707

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