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SFC launches 2 new funds for film industry2 min read

16 February 2009 2 min read


SFC launches 2 new funds for film industry2 min read

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Filmmakers can look forward to strengthening their capabilities and sharpening their competitive edge by tapping on two new funds launched by the Singapore Film Commission (SFC).


SFC Stereoscopic 3D Film Development Fund

Under the $10-million Stereoscopic 3D Film Development Fund, Singapore companies looking to produce 3D content stand to receive up to 80 per cent of the incremental production budget or not more than $350,000 in investment for a feature film of any genre including documentaries.

The fund, set up in November 2008, aims to boost the development of 3D film-making activities and build an industry of 3D practitioners in Singapore.The SFC and film production companies will co-share rights and revenues based on co-funding arrangements.

Already, SFC is partnering Brian Yuzna of Komodo Films to produce a slate of three films. The first, “Amphibious”, will be postproduced by Singapore’s Infinite Frameworks.

Brett Leonard, who directed “Virtuosity”, will helm the second film as well as set up a state-of-the art stereoscopic 3D movie production facility in Singapore that will handle the entire creative process from production to post-production in 3D.

“With the success of feature films such as ‘Bolt’ and ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’, 3D films are rapidly gaining audiences internationally and locally. I am enthusiastic that Singapore filmmakers will leverage on the fund to develop our very first 3D feature which would certainly herald a milestone in film-making for our country,” said Mr Kenneth Tan, Chief Operating Officer of the Media Development Authority (MDA) and Director of SFC.

SFC 35mm Fulfilment Fund

Alongside the new Stereoscopic 3D Film Development Fund, the 35mm Fulfilment Fund helps local film-makers defray the costs of converting or developing a 35mm print master from a digital version of their short or feature film.

Mr Tan said: “While we recognise the technological advances that have led to Singaporeans embracing digital filmmaking, we also acknowledge that 35mm film formats are currently prevalent within the industry. The 35mm Fulfilment Fund will enable local filmmakers to bridge existing and emerging film formats.

“We hope that this fund will plug the gap between our existing assistance schemes available to filmmakers, and help them to gain greater footholds at prestigious film competitions such as the Berlin Film Festival or Cannes Film Festival.”

Successful applicants for the 35mm Fulfilment Fund will receive up to $25,000 or 50 per cent of the total cost of striking one 35mm print master.

The print master can then be used for theatrical exhibition and distribution either locally or internationally.

Filmmakers who have either secured representation by a sales agent or distributor requiring a 35mm print master, or who have been invited to participate in internationally renowned film festivals, are eligible to apply.

For more details on the two latest funding schemes, including eligibility criteria, please visit the Singapore Film Commission website at

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