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January 2007

The Substation Moving Images’ Programme Manager Kristin Saw looks back at First Take 2006. Sure, they were mostly by male directors, but amateur short films continue to delight us, even those that make us go “duh”. That’s right, folks — the local film industry is a male-dominated one, down to the amateur level. Try 38 male filmmakers out of the 34 short films screened at First Take 2006. Where are the girls?!

nuSTUDIOS, NUS’s student film production house, is organising a talk and sharing session on “Shooting in Singapore” this Saturday. Come along for a free screening of Friday Morning, a short film by nuSTUDIOS members Gillian Lim and Ching Biyun about an entertainer-wannabe who revives her long lost dream to dance.

This year’s entries are nothing short of amazing. The films are pushing the Singapore short-film standard up a couple of notches. Shot in High-Definition using the Panasonic AG-HVX202 and working on a tapeless P2 workflow, this should set the pace for indie filmmakers for 2007.

Regardless of how tough a reel of film seems when you tug on the ends, film itself is one of those curious chemical things that decay quickly into a smelly heap unless you keep it in a cool, dry place. We all know how hot Singapore is, and if you’ve earned the ire of family members discovering your precious reels sharing space with the beef in the fridge like I have, you’d know that archiving films to outlast the lifespan of the common filmmaker seems to be a bleak concept indeed.

Pitch Black is a niche screening venue: the only Blu-Ray High Definition screening room in Singapore, fitted out with comfy sofas where you can enjoy your movie with food and drinks from the cafe downstairs. This Thursday’s Southeast Asian Cinema line-up features two Singapore short films, Bertrand Lee’s Birthday and Royston Tan’s 15. Screenings are at 7 pm and 9:30 pm. Tickets cost $8, or opt for a $12 Movie Dinner which includes sandwiches and a drink. Pitch Black seats only 20, so reserve your tickets now (via web or call 63923457 after 4pm).

Excerpt from the official website: A new job as a television producer moves Renee Donovan back to Singapore. Recently divorced, she is hoping to start a new life with her six year-old daughter and put the past behind her. But on her first day of work, a current affairs assignment takes her back to the neighbourhood she ran away from 10 years ago.