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‘Cut’ Keeps Making Waves1 min read

13 January 2007 < 1 min read


‘Cut’ Keeps Making Waves1 min read

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Royston Tan’s Cut continues to earn rave reviews and bag awards at overseas film festivals. Its latest accolade is THE FITZ Best Short Film Awards 2006 for Best Screenplay and Best Editing. The Awards are presented by Fitzroy Shorts, a year-long independent monthly short film festival held in Melbourne.

(Yes, the award really looks like that. Pardon the tak glam photography — we cornered Cut co-writer Jonathan Lim at a coffeeshop tonight.)

If you didn’t know already, Cut is what the Fitzroy Shorts calls “a gleeful, anti-censorship protest musical” filled with “the Who’s Who of the city-state’s last remaining free-thinkers.” Cut previously picked up the first prize at the 2004 Panasonic Digital Filmmaker Awards, the best short film award at the 2005 Pacific Meridian Film Festival and the Prix Canal+ at the 2005 Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival.

Watch it at or check out some screenshots and excerpts at Balderdash.

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