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Equipment rental: Redrock M2 adapter available for rent1 min read

17 January 2007 < 1 min read


Equipment rental: Redrock M2 adapter available for rent1 min read

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“Independent filmmakers, documentary makers, film students and educators, and budget-conscious moviemakers have embraced digital video (and increasingly high definition video or HD) as the most cost-effective way to create high quality movies. Even with advances such as 24 frames/progressive (24p), cinema-style gamma settings, and post-production filters, digital video still appears, well, video-like. As filmmakers ourselves, we too have suffered this realization.”

The M2 is an adapter that enables 35mm lenses to be adapted for use with your HD camera. This powerful addition to your camera allows you to achieve cinema-quality shallow depth-of-field(DOF), focus effects, and angle of view. It works with both cinema lenses and SLR(still camera) lenses. The M2 gives you access to a whole new world of 35mm lenses in a multitude of focal lengths, speeds, and zooms.

Compatible with for HD camera:

-Panasonic HVX-202
-Sonu Z1U/Z1E
-JVC HD10, HD100, HD200, HD250

Help is here! We are renting out the Redrock M2 camera lens adapter for HD from March 2007 onwards. Please email for more info.

Meanwhile, you can visit the Redrockmicro-M2 website to check out how the Redrock M2 can help achieve a more film look in your finished product!

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