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LASALLE Re-Stages Class of 2020’s Graduation Show at McNally Campus2 min read

22 July 2021 2 min read


LASALLE Re-Stages Class of 2020’s Graduation Show at McNally Campus2 min read

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Due to the pandemic outbreak last year, the LASALLE Show Exhibition, LASALLE College of Art’s annual showcase for its graduating class, had to go digital. This July, the creations of LASALLE’s Class of 2020 will finally be exhibited in a physical showcase that the public can experience at LASALLE College of the Arts’ McNally campus.

Image courtesy of LASALLE College of the Arts

The LASALLE Show 2020 will include works by graduates from Fine Arts, Film, Media Arts, Dance, Music, Theatre and Art Therapy.

This special edition of The LASALLE Show particularly spotlights and celebrates the resilience of the Class of 2020, which at the onset of the pandemic had to quickly adapt in order to stage their work in a virtual exhibition — the first of its kind in the school’s history.

Among the young talents is Jolene Chiang, graduating with a Master’s degree in Art therapy. She is the Creative Director and Project Lead for Tapestries of Grief, a month-long festival that aims to let audiences explore and experience their emotions in times of grief, as well as learn to support others in such moments. The festival will be held in conjunction with the inaugural Grief & Bereavement Conference, and take place this coming September.

Another outstanding graduate is Lauren Sim. Since graduating with a BA(Hons) in Acting, she has been busy making her mark in the field of voice-acting. She has lent her voice to justice seeker Niena from audio drama Sacred Guardians, and narrated an Audible Original horror story Therapy Z.

Zahrah Syafiah Jailani, from the BA(Hons) Musical Theatre programme, has been making a splash in the local performing arts scene with her upcoming collaboration with The Second Breakfast Company, a local non-profit theatre company founded by youths, for youths.

And the list goes on. LASALLE is proud to share the work and virtuosity of last year’s graduating class, and warmly invites members of the public down to their McNally campus to browse the works.

The exhibition will be up from 26 July – 7 August between 12 – 8pm. Visitors are reminded to kindly observe the appropriate Safe Distancing Measures. The virtual showcase is also available for viewing here.

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