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Here comes the Singapore Fashion Film Festival

28 October 2011


Here comes the Singapore Fashion Film Festival

As far as niche film festivals go in Singapore, the debut of the Singapore Fashion Film Festival is more niche than most.

For that reason alone it might be worth checking this film fest out. 

The organizers, curator Anne-Laure Bouhadef and TV producer/filmmaker Huie-Ling Peh, have pulled together a varied and respectable program of film documentaries that cover fashion’s big names. Find out about what goes into the making of high profile runway shows in “The Day Before” series, which captures the tension and excitement that build up in the days and weeks before a show. For this festival, episodes covering Donatella Versace, Alexander Wang and Jean Paul Gaultier will be screened.

Get an inside look into the fashion houses of Chanel, Hermès, Marc Jacobs and Paul Smith, with films featuring each of these design legends.

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