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Indie darling1 min read

22 September 2011 < 1 min read


Indie darling1 min read

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It’s no secret that we love all of the sexy brood of hunks on True Blood. But after interviewing Ryan Kwanten last Sunday, when he was here for the 24th Singapore Film Festival to promote his quirky little dramedy Griff The Invisible, he’s become our resident favourite.

“Oh no, you broke your rib?” enquired the dishy Australian actor of this writer of my recent mishap. “Yeah, I’ve been there many times before. I am very coordinated but unbelievably accident prone. So, yeah, I’m always getting bruised. On jobs and out of jobs. Things blow up in my face, I’m rushed to hospital, stitches on my arms …

“You just have to take care and let it heal,” he advised.

Care and concern from this hot hunk? Who wouldn’t swoon? The 34-year-old was patient, easygoing, funny and candid. When asked what he felt about the socio-economic standpoint of Singapore, he joked: “Er, I’ve studied up on that! On my seven-hour-and-forty-minute flight from Sydney to Singapore. Who needs sleep? Who needs to watch films?”


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