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A disappointing performance1 min read

22 September 2011 < 1 min read


A disappointing performance1 min read

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I WOULD like to highlight the abysmal organisation of the 24th Singapore International Film Festival, which has generated a lot of displeasure for ticket holders from Singapore and overseas.

On the first day the tickets were released, many could not make a purchase, as some films showcased on the official website had not been rated by the relevant authorities.

This confused many supporters of the festival and they had to keep checking the Sistic website to ascertain when the tickets could be bought. Why did the organisers take so long or wait till the last minute before sending the films to be rated?

Ticket holders have also been inundated with calls by Sistic staff announcing sudden changes in venue and timing of some films. I received at least six calls since Friday about this and the abrupt postponement of one film due to “technical glitches”.

The latter incident is particularly unfortunate, as some of my friends from Malaysia bought tickets for the film and applied for leave to to watch it here. They will be unable to watch the film on another day.


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