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Mission: To get bums on seats1 min read

16 September 2011 < 1 min read


Mission: To get bums on seats1 min read

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WHY is a popular Gold 90 FM radio deejay, erstwhile sports and game show TV host curating the 24th Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF)?

The answer you’ll get from newly-minted SIFF festival director Hamish Brown is: “Why not?”

It was all very simple, really. Brown listened to his wife. “Geoff Malone (SIFF founder/member) got in touch with me some time last year and floated the idea. I spoke to the missus, and she said: ‘Yeah, it’s a good fit because you like film!” After mulling over it for “like five minutes”, he accepted.

What a way to get a job. But the 48-year old assured TODAY that it goes way further than that. “As a festival director, you see the festival from previous years from a whole different perspective than when you were just a fan of films. You’ll have to think about things like what kind of films to bring; the Asian perspective, the international perspective.

“Then you have to worry about what can pass the ratings … As much as you have a mission to try and expand (SIFF) for the movie-going public, you also have to be mindful of many things,” he said. “In retrospect, maybe I should have taken a longer time to agree to the job. There is a whole bunch of things to worry about!”


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