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Original iPhone Film Festival2 min read

7 September 2011 2 min read


Original iPhone Film Festival2 min read

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Do you have an iPhoneâ„¢, iPod Touchâ„¢ or iPad2â„¢? Then there’s a film studio in your pocket! That’s why we created this unique film festival – to showcase the creativity, talent and imagination of you, the iphone filmmaker. So put your film studio to work.

It’s as easy as Shoot Edit & Upload. We’ve recruited a panel of experienced industry professionals from the worlds of advertising, film and television to watch what you come up with. They will pick their favorites and we’ll give away some cool prizes – fame awaits! All we need now is your masterpiece. Get out there and Shoot Edit & Upload!

Submissions deadline is October 31st, 2011.

All films must be shot on the iPhoneâ„¢, iPod Touchâ„¢ or iPad2â„¢. Each film will be verified once uploaded and films that are not shot on the iPhoneâ„¢, iPod Touchâ„¢ or iPad2â„¢ will be disqualified.

Your film does not have to be edited on an Apple IOS device though we encourage you to do so. There will be a Special Jury Prize for a film completed entirely on an Apple IOS device. You may use any editing program and post-production effects are allowed.

All films must be submitted via the UPLOAD module on An e-mail acknowledgment will be sent upon successful submission of your film. All films will be reviewed in their entirety by the judges.

Please do not include credits on your film. Submit your credits on the Submission Form at Upload.

Any films produced or sponsored by a film studio or that have screened on US network or cable television or a previous film festival are also ineligible for competition, but may be considered for a special screening.

Submission is free so enter as many films as you like. Do not use copyrighted material without express written permission.

Fiction, Non-Fiction and Brand Films must run 3 minutes or less, Music Videos may run the length of the song, not to exceed 4:30


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