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Frederick Peralta proves to be a “˜natural’ on the big screen

2 September 2011


Frederick Peralta proves to be a “˜natural’ on the big screen

Don’t look now, but after making his acting debut on TV last year in the soap opera “Magkaribal,” fashion designer Frederick Peralta is invading the big screen in “Kape Barako,” a sex-oriented gay comedy film directed by Monti Parungao and written by Lex Bonife.

As its title suggests, the film revolves around a struggling coffee shop and how it was able to finally lure customers in, thanks to a secret ingredient that was mixed in the coffee. Even its owner (Johnron Tañada) was puzzled by its sudden turnaround, since the secret ingredient is known only to its two bumbling waiters.

“If I may be brazen enough,” said Peralta, “it’s the gay version of “˜Like Water for Chocolate.'”

We’re not telling you what the secret ingredient is, lest it ruins either your appetite or viewing pleasure (or both). But if we’re going to go by Peralta’s assurances, the film is a guaranteed rib-tickler in a rather raunchy way.

Produced by Peralta’s fellow designer Avel Bacudio on a shoestring budget of P600,000, the film reportedly won positive reviews in New York during a recent special screening of Parungao’s films. It will open in a multiplex near you next Wednesday, Sept. 7.


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