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Film financing forum draws new insights1 min read

31 August 2011 < 1 min read


Film financing forum draws new insights1 min read

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Last month, we attended Cinemalaya’s first-ever Manila Film Financing Forum, organized by the Philippine

Independent Filmmakers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (IFC) to gain new insights on independent filmmaking.

It was a welcome development. By pitching their new projects to producers and financiers, indie filmmakers’ goal of making their second or third feature is suddenly within reach.

In the forum, Manet Dayrit shared, “I notice that the most successful filmmakers I’ve worked with are very professional in dealing with creative and business matters. Always remember that it’s an enterprise. At the end of the day, it’s still business as usual.”

“Himpapawid” director, Raymond Red, pointed out, “A hard reality is that money has to be recouped. I’ve done Hubert Bals, Pusan Promotion Plan and Hong Kong Financing, and I was able to produce my film independently.”


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