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Suhasini, on Malayalam films2 min read

19 August 2011 2 min read


Suhasini, on Malayalam films2 min read

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She opens the door sans any makeup, makes no fuss about my gatecrashing into her room and flashes her signature smile that outshines the sun. Intelligent, articulate and witty, Suhasini hasn’t changed a bit from the nostalgic frames in our mind and you can’t help wondering aloud why she is staying away from the arc lights.

“It’s like asking a teenager whether he or she misses the feeding bottle,” she shakes off the question with a mischievous smile. “I have grown up from the busybee actress and am now involved in many activities, including cinema. I run an NGO for single women, anchor two TV shows, write columns and handle my home,” she chips in.

Suhasini says multi-tasking has been the bottomline of her life for long.

“It’s not easy juggling roles. But it’s my life and I am going to live it by my rules. I write two columns, one in Tamil and another in English for magazines. I do two TV shows in Tamil. One has finished four years and the other is just 30-weeks old. Also it’s my third year as the curator for Dubai Film Festival for which I select south Indian films. I am doing two films in Tamil and Telugu and, of course, I have my responsibilities on the home front. I am shooting four days a week.”

She adds that her busy schedule denies her any heavy duty creative indulgence and that is what keeps her away from donning the director’s cap again after “˜Indira’. “I am also in the committee of Chennai International Film Festival. So during that one month I don’t do any other work. This is how life goes on – full and packed,” she smiles. Suhasini has been part of the industry as an actor, director, script writer and producer for more than three decades now. She says that in Indian cinema heroes eternally remain heroes while the heroines are shooed off to peripheral roles


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