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Ario Bayu: For the Love of”‰Acting1 min read

15 August 2011 < 1 min read


Ario Bayu: For the Love of”‰Acting1 min read

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Ario Bayu recently shot to fame as the country’s new bad boy with his role in the film “Catatan Harian Si Boy” (“Boy’s Diary”).

The remake of the 1980s classic saw Bayu racing cars, chasing girls and beating up his enemies on the mean streets of Jakarta. But in reality, Bayu would rather read a book than throw punches and would prefer to take his mountain bike for a spin on the weekend than get behind the wheel of a new BMW.

The 26-year-old took up acting at the age of 15, while at high school in New Zealand, the country where he has lived most of his life. His school offered a range of creative programs, from music to art, photography and drama.

“Science and math were never really my forte. They never really tickled my taste buds, so to speak,” Bayu said. “So when I was in high school, I was referred to the art side of things.”


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