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Fantasia 2011: Actor Ryoo Seung-beom sends video thanks, too1 min read

11 August 2011 < 1 min read


Fantasia 2011: Actor Ryoo Seung-beom sends video thanks, too1 min read

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Korean actor Ryoo Seung-beom had roles in two very different movies at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival, and was quite convincing in both.
In the comedy Foxy Festival he played an everyday sort of guy who makes a living selling fishy snacks-on-a-stick from a food cart.

In real life Ryoo is in his 30s, but by his look and demeanour, this character could have been 18.

In The Unjust, Ryoo played a public prosecutor, a powerful man who wears fancy suits, yells at his employees, seems to have got his position at least partly through his father-in-law and seems remarkably uninterested in the very concept of justice.

The Fantasia Feature Film Jury gave a best actor award to Ryoo for this role, and to Hwang Jeong-min, who played his nemesis in the police dept.

Ryoo sent a thank-you video to the jury and Fantasia fans, just as his brother, Ryoo Seung-wan, the director of The Unjust did. ) Actor Ryoo says he’s sorry he could not be here in Montreal to accept the award in person, but he’d like to visit in the future. He says that he’s a DJ as well as an actor and maybe he could play for us, so we can all Rock and Roll!


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