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Ramadan creates jitters for many1 min read

8 August 2011 < 1 min read


Ramadan creates jitters for many1 min read

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Most of Muslim nations facing unrest are viewing the Ramadan month with nervousness, Muslims come in large numbers to the mosques daily for prayers and it could lead to a re-grouping of the liberals against the radical fundamentalist monarchies.

Tajikstan has banned youths below 20 from attending mosques and a Malaysian TV channel withdrew its ads exhorting the faithful to follow the Ramadan fasting .

The commercials began airing recently to remind viewers of Ramadan, which began August 1. Muslims refrain from eating and drinking from dawn until sundown during the month. The three 30-second clips depicted an ethnic Chinese girl eating in public, wearing revealing clothing and being loud. It ended with messages urging viewers to avoid doing such things in respect of the Muslim holy month. The ads sparked outrage in the Muslim-majority country, with many slamming private station 8TV on its Face book page.The TV station withdrew the ads and apologized.

Tajikstan President Rakhmon, in power since 1992, signed the bill on parental responsibility on Wednesday. He has said tough measures are needed to stop the spread of religious fundamentalism in his country of 7.5 million people, 98 per cent of who are Muslim.


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