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5 August 2011 < 1 min read


Moving on1 min read

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What’s the one thing which has pleased you most about Delhi Belly’s success?

I am thrilled the way the audience has responded to the film, but I am more thrilled the way they have responded to me! You know what I have done in the film is very much my style and taste, but I was afraid people wouldn’t get it, because everything was very subtle and underplayed.

Basically, in Indian films you have to be a bit dramatic, otherwise the audience feels yeh acting nahin kar rahaa. I am glad they got it.

What kind of reactions have you got from the industry?
Starting from the first weekend itself, the industry has really come out in support of the film. Several producers and directors have called to thank us for doing something different, and taking the industry forward! But I was taken aback when Sooraj R.

Barjatya called to tell me that he enjoyed and loved the film – Sooraj, of all people! If a filmmaker with his kind of sensibilities can enjoy the film, I don’t really care about the guys who are protesting against the language and content.


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