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Indonesia’s Hollywood Films ‘Monopoly’ Challenged by New Power

5 August 2011


Indonesia’s Hollywood Films ‘Monopoly’ Challenged by New Power

A former State Intelligence Agency director has staked his claim in the film import industry, challenging the alleged monopoly of Hollywood films in Indonesia.

At a press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Jakarta on Wednesday, Hendropriyono announced the formation of his own company.

“Monopolies should not be tolerated,” he said.

Since the film boycott of major Hollywood films by the Motion Picture Association of America and Cineplex 21 came to an end last week with the release of the final Harry Potter film, rumors have been circulating, claiming Cineplex 21 had monopolized the industry.

In a strategy to put an end to the ‘monopoly’ of the business Hendropriyono said he had teamed up with Indonesian soap opera king Raam Punjabi and cinema pioneer Ilham Bintang, to form the company Sinar Surya Sinema.


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Via The Jakarta Globe

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