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Stanley Wong: ‘I’m like Forrest Gump’1 min read

4 August 2011 < 1 min read


Stanley Wong: ‘I’m like Forrest Gump’1 min read

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“What is our creative world in Hong Kong and China? How do we value creativity? How are we looking forward?” These are the questions Wong asks by curating “What’s Next 30 x 30.”

Stanley Wong Ping-pui curated the exhibition “What’s Next 30 x 30,” an ambitious project pulling together fashion, music, fine art and graphic design to celebrate Wong’s three decades in the Hong Kong design industry.

Operating under the moniker “anothermountainman,” Wong is one of Hong Kong’s leading designers.

In the last three decades, he has also developed a reputation as a photographer, an artist and an advertising executive. Wong is most famous for using Hong Kong’s iconic red, white and blue-striped plastic bags in his work, particularly in his exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2005.

Of the ongoing show — “What’s Next 30 x 30” — he explains that it’s a “tribal call” aimed at the next generation.

“Honestly, the whole show is all an excuse,” says Wong. “The intention is not about me. Yes, I am recapping my 30 years, inviting 30-odd guests and doing a big show but I just wanted a chance to demonstrate our talking point: the power of creativity.”


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