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Movie about Singapore’s independence not a political film: producers

4 August 2011


Movie about Singapore’s independence not a political film: producers

Singapore’s founding father, Lee Kuan Yew, is set to be featured in a film titled “1965, The Beginning”, which is about the events leading up to Singapore’s independence.

The actor taking on the role of the former Minister Mentor is not yet confirmed, but the film’s producer, Homerun Asia, has stressed that the movie is not about Mr Lee and is not meant to be political.

Hong Kong film star Tony Leung was one name tipped to play Singapore’s first prime minister. Actress Maggie Cheung was also said to be in the film, but the movie’s cast has not been finalised.

The film’s producer would simply said that it is looking at international and regional names.

Daniel Yun, founder and CEO of Homerun Asia, said: “We need to find the right actor for all the roles, including the role for Mr and Mrs Lee, and I think we are not closed to whether the actor is not from this part of the world or is not a local.

‘I think (what is) most important is we have to have an actor or actress who can actually bring out the spirit of the character. So at this present moment, we have spread our net out wide.”


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