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Films About Women During The Cultural Revolution Of China1 min read

4 August 2011 < 1 min read


Films About Women During The Cultural Revolution Of China1 min read

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Films about women during the Cultural Revolution of China (1966-1976) depicted women as heroes who overcome great adversity. Historically, during the Chinese cultural revolution, women were participants in carrying forward the revolution.

Mao was a Chinese communist who was not satisfied the make-up of the economy and bureaucratic system of government. The revolution was his way of solving Marxist and Leninist theory. The Red Guard was activated, charged with suppressing the capitalist presence in China.

  1. “A Safe Belt” (1974) is a revolutionary Chinese film remarking on the story of Hong Ying, a female accountant. As a diligent and thrifty financier, she oversees the expenditure of a Chinese province. She installs safe belts to protect the ‘disappearing’ funds which angers her predecessor who was involved in money laundering and misappropriation of public funds.
  2. “Haixia” (1975) is a Chinese cultural revolution film about a crew of female soldiers who become fisherwomen to provide for themselves during the Chinese cultural revolution and join forces in the fight for independence. During the revolution, occurrences of revolts were common within the Chinese female militia and this film depicts a story of the band of heroines determine to defend their borders from encroaching troops.


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