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Cowboys collects Singapore’s first PG131 min read

4 August 2011 < 1 min read


Cowboys collects Singapore’s first PG131 min read

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Universal Pictures’ sci-fi Western, Cowboys & Aliens is the first film to receive the new PG13 classification in Singapore.

The new rating category became effective two weeks ago as a means to bridge a gap between the PG (parental guidance) and the NC16 (over 16s only) classifications.

Films deemed to have realistic horror, moderate violence, sexual humour and dark themes fall under the new rating. In the case of Cowboys & Aliens, sequences that can be frightening to young children, including scenes where aliens attack humans, are what earned the film its label. It will be released in Singapore next week (Tuesday 9 Aug) through UIP.

The launch of the new rating class, announced by Senior Minister of State for Information, Communications and the Arts Grace Fu, also ushered in a harmonisation of the classification systems in different media. Where there were different standards, the Media Development Authority (MDA) will apply a standard rating for films, TV programmes and videos.


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