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International film “˜Deep Gold’ goes underwater in PHL

28 July 2011


International film “˜Deep Gold’ goes underwater in PHL

Hollywood’s underwater moviemaking technology streams with Philippines’ best locale in the upcoming action film “Deep Gold,” which stars international actresses Bebe Pham and Jaymee Ong. Joining them is Philippines’ Joel Torre in a very notable role.

Written and directed by Michael Gleissner, who’s also known for his award-winning work in “Irreversi,” “Deep Gold” is filmed entirely in the scenic islands of Cebu and Palawan where a champion free-diver Amy (Pham) and her sister Jess (Ong) are entrapped in a web of lies on the disappearance of a government plane carrying a fortune in gold.

Amy then gets involved in a web of lies and deceit as she seeks the truth on the disappearance of his boyfriend along with the fortune.

“Deep Gold” features eye-popping 3D action sequences, including spectacular underwater footage using the shooting tank located at Bigfoot facilities in Cebu.

Gleissner together with Rick Robinson, the film’s director of photography and an Emmy Award winner leads us deep into the bottom of filming the movie under Philippine waters.


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