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Pamper yourself at the Sinema Online Store1 min read

27 July 2011 < 1 min read


Pamper yourself at the Sinema Online Store1 min read

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Are you searching for old Singaporean films or are you going overseas and wish to wear something that’s uniquely Singaporean?

Aside from being an independent cinema that specialises in Asian, Singaporean and Social films, we also have an online store that carries a wide variety of Singaporean films, music, books and merchandise.

Ranging from new DVD releases such as Boo Junfeng’s Sandcastle to made-in-Singapore Battizer, the world’s fastest alkaline battery charger, the products stocked in our online store are usually not available in many places and priced at an affordable rate.

We are also selling Sinema Showoff! Class of 2010 DVD at our online store. Sinema Showoff! is Sinema Old School’s free monthly community film programme that showcases some of the best short films produced by emerging Singaporean filmmakers. The list includes

1) My Father Sazali
Sazali Bin Masraji | Malay | 17 mins | PG

2) Masala Mama
Michael Kam | Tamil, Hokkien & English | 9 mins | PG

3) Kitchen Quartet
Nicole Midori Woodford | Mandarin & English | 21mins | PG

4) Promises in December
Elgin Ho | English, Mandarin & Bahasa Indonesia  | 17 mins | PG

5) Santan (Coconut Milk)
Farhan Zulkifli | Malay | 8 mins | G

6) National Day
He Shuming | Mandarin, Chinese Dialect (Hainanese) & English | 19 mins | PG

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