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Nepal fest to feature six films1 min read

27 July 2011 < 1 min read


Nepal fest to feature six films1 min read

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The federation of Nepalese forums in Qatar is hosting a film festival featuring Nepalese movies at Doha Cinema on Friday.

According to the organisers, the Nepal Indigenous Film Festival Qatar 2011 will coincide with 17th World Indigenous Day celebrations on July 29.

They said the festival aims to give an insight into the age-old culture and traditions of the Nepalese indigenous communities to other linguistic and national groups in the country.

They said members of the Nepalese indigenous groups are spread all over the country. Nepal government has identified 59 groups as the country’s indigenous nationalities and they constituted nearly 40% of the Nepalese population.

At the festival, six films will be screened. The films include Gotheba, Asee, Kripa, Numafung, Simma and Burhan.
Each of the films deals with an indigenous group in Nepal, said Binesh Tamang, co-ordinator of the festival.

Among the movies, Numafung has won honours at the festivals in Vesoul (France), and Bangladesh, in 2003. The film was also among the official selections at festivals in Fukuoka (Japan), Singapore, The Netherlands, (all in 2003), New York South Asian Film Festival (New York 2004), and Sud festival 2005, and Bollywood festival in Prague (2006).


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